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Thailand Homecoming Golf Extravaganza

So, you are a Thai national and proud of your heritage and country despite living in a different land. Your enjoyment of Thai food, landscape, culture and especially the people has never left your heart. Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to return to your homeland and rediscover the love you have for everything Thai.

This holiday extravaganza packs in a whole range of Thailand experiences built around a 4 day golf tournament playing the Eastern seaboard’s top courses. You will stay at wonderful hotels, enjoy great weather, dine on exotic foods and visit places that will stay in your memory forever.

This extravaganza is not limited to only golfers. Bring your family and friends to enjoy fascinating sightseeing, shopping and excursions while you are on the golf course. Even if your friends are not Thai nationals please invite them to join you and share your love for Thailand.