4 Amazing Golf Courses, presented by EGA Thailand.

Participating Courses

  • Siam Country Club Pattaya Plantation
  • Laem Chabang International Golf Club
  • St. Andrew 2000 Golf Club
  • Burapha Golf and Resort


*Golfers must complete 4 golf courses at 72 holes stroke play to qualify.
All entrants must declare their official handicap - maximum 36. Winners will be decided on best net score - maximum 3 under par. In the event of a tie the lowest declared handicap will be the winner.
*Please declare your real handicap, fault handicap may lead to a outcome of the game, lower handicap win the game.

Team Event

  • Low Gross (total lowest gross score of 9 players)

  • Low Net (total lowest net score of 9 players)

* Team has no limit on team members on each team

Individual Event

Individual Over all low Gross

Individual Over all low net

(Men, Under 55 play from 6,700 yards)

  •  Flight A Handicap 0-12
  •  Flight B Handicap 13-18
  •  Flight C Handicap 19-24
  •  Flight D Handicap 25-30


(Men, 55 and over play from 6,300 yards)

  •  Flight A Handicap 0-12
  •  Flight B Handicap 13-21
  •  Flight C Handicap 22-30

Super Senior

(Men, 65 and over play from 6,000 Yards)

  •  Flight A Handicap 0-12
  •  Flight B Handicap 13-21
  •  Flight C Handicap 22-30


(Ladies Play from 5,800 yards)

  •  Flight A Handicap 0-12
  •  Flight B Handicap 13-21
  •  Flight C Handicap 22-36

Tournament Committee Discretion

In the event of inclement weather and as a result it is not possible to complete 72 holes of plays in the period in which the tournament round is scheduled, the tournament Committee will announce how to determine the result and the decision is final.